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The Quality of any field-based program in education and skill development is directly impacted by the systems, processes, and tools that go into the program. For any organization, it is often not possible to ensure that all these are in place at the right time. Here, Edulever steps in as a support partner to ensure that your program delivers as per the intended objective.

Monitoring & Evaluation

M&E of social development programs is an important part of Edulever’s portfolio. We have taken up M&E work for organizations such as Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Tech Mahindra Foundation. We follow a systematic approach towards M&E, and have developed various tools and formats for evaluating different kinds of development programs.

Survey & Field Studies

Conducting surveys and field research is an integral part of Edulever’s work. We have conducted such studies in various parts of the country, including metros such as Kolkata and Hyderabad, smaller towns such as Patna and Saharanpur, and rural areas in Rajasthan and tribal Madhya Pradesh.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manuals

SOP Manuals can enable a development program to attain scale without compromising on quality. Edulever, with its vast experience of implementing various projects, has the capacity to develop SOP Manuals for Skill Development and Education programs. Such manuals have already been developed for organizations such as Ernst & Young, Plan India, and Tech Mahindra Foundation.

Impact Assessment

Impact assessment focuses on measuring the outcomes of a social development program, unlike program evaluation which includes process assessments as well. Edulever has been undertaking impact assessments for various educational and livelihood projects, and has gained significant expertise in doing these.

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