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The Personality-Career Alignment Tool (PCAT) is a career guidance tool to understand an individual’s personality, interests and behavioural preferences, and align them with a career type that best suits his/her personality. The questionnaire consists of 48 prompts that elicit spontaneous response from the participants about their personalities. The PCAT has been inspired by John Holland’s theory known as the Holland codes (RIASEC) that divides job seekers into six broad personality type categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conservative.

What is the purpose of PCAT?

Every year millions of young people join the country’s workforce, eager to make a mark for themselves in this competitive scenario. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm and vibrancy does not sustain in the long run and a significant proportion of these people become unsure of the track that they had chosen to begin with. Hence, it has become a common phenomenon for these young minds to switch their profiles or careers altogether. The PCAT allows us to acknowledge the uniqueness of each personality and recognize the value of individual differences. This helps in guiding the students towards choosing the right career path leading to job growth and eventually job satisfaction.

In the context of skill development programs, the PCAT can be extremely useful in helping a candidate decide which domain to pursue. In the current scenario, no standardized process exists to aid this decision. With the PCAT, it would be possible to suggest a small set of 4-5 potential careers that a candidate can meaningfully pursue so that his or her performance in a job is optimized.

How is the PCAT administered?

The PCAT can be administered using the online platform. A mobile-version is also available. However, the online version available as of now only allows a user to take the PCAT; it does not display or send the result of the PCAT to the user. This would require a further round of software development. PCAT can be widely used in the skill development sector, wherein it can be customized for a specific profile of users and/or industries. It can also be easily and widely used as a career guidance and counselling tool for high-school and college students in general.

Roll-out plan for PCAT

Edulever intends to partner with regional organizations who are already working with high school students and youth for large-scale roll-out of PCAT. These organizations will be provided a training to interpret results of the PCAT, and will have to run a helpline for providing personalized career guidance to the students.

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