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Edulever now has over 6 years of intensive experience of working in the Skill Development and Employability Training sector. With this experience, and with a grounds-up understanding of the requirements of the sector, Edulever has developed two tools for employability and career guidance for youth. These are Employability IndexTM (EI) and Personality-Career Alignment ToolTM (PCATTM).

eiSelection of students is an essential component at a Vocational training center or a skill development program. Till now, the process of selection is usually a subjective one, because of which several candidates who may now be adequately employable even at the end of the program get selected into the program. The Employability Index is a tool that helps to make this process objective, hence improving the efficiency of a skilling program manifold.The Index is calculated based on a set of parameters that impact employability of a learner. The Index is a number between 0 and 1, where ‘0’ indicates un-employability while ‘1’ means absolute employability.

Each parameter is assigned a weightage which in turn is based on two factors:

  1. Intrinsic importance of the parameter in relation to the other parameters
  2. Verifiability of the parameter

The parameters are customizable and the weightage can be changed based on the learners’ profile at the VT center. The Employability Index can be easily administered using the MS-Excel based spreadsheet created specifically for this purpose. A mobile-based version is also available. However, for a large scale deployment, a dedicated online software or app will have to be created.


Rollout of employability Index

Edulever intends to roll out Employability Index in partnership with
organizations working in Skill Development. The partnership could be direct or through a facilitation agency such as the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The Employability Index has the potential to be a universal standard in the measurement of Employability of a youth, and hence be not just an enabling tool but an empowering tool as well.

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