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Through its services for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sector, Edulever aims at helping corporates maximize their returns on social investment. Whether a company is yet to make a serious foray into CSR, or already has a well-developed CSR program, Edulever offers an array of services to support CSR activity at various stages.

CSR Strategy Development

With substantial experience of the social development sector across domains such as Education, Livelihoods, Health, Environment, and ICT-for-development, Edulever helps in the overall strategy formulation for Corporate Social Responsibility for a company.

Impact Assessment

Impact assessment focuses on measuring the outcomes of a social development program, unlike program evaluation which includes process assessments as well. Edulever has been undertaking impact assessments for various educational and livelihood projects, and has gained significant expertise in doing these.

Partner NGO Identification & Due Diligence

Edulever has the experience of working directly with over 150 NGOs across the country, in tribal Madhya Pradesh and Odisha as well as all the major metros of India. With this experience, and through a vast network of other NGOs, we are in a position to identify the right NGO for a corporate partner to execute its CSR plans. In addition, Edulever also helps in conducting an objective due diligence of an NGO so that a company can choose its social investment partner with confidence.

Program Monitoring & Evaluation

The Edulever team has developed comprehensive and objective tools for monitoring of social development programs. These have been successfully deployed in large scale programs, such as the Migration Support program of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust. As part of M&E for CSR, Edulever can undertake the evaluation of an on-going project and recommend ways to make improvements to the program.

CSR Execution Support

Since Edulever is essentially a resource and support agency for the social development sector, it has the wherewithal to provide end-to-end execution support to a corporate for implementing its CSR program. Such support would start from identifying an appropriate NGO partner to implement the program, and then providing requisite support to the NGO during the implementation. Through such support, the impact of the program on the ground can be multiplied manifold.

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