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Since inception, Edulever has trained more than 1200 teachers and administrators associated with managing education and vocational training projects. Edulever trainings are interactive, participatory, and fun – ensuring that the participants do not just learn but become adept at applying their learning.

Training Need Analysis

Most training-related projects begin with ascertaining the need for training by interacting with a random sample (minimum 10%, maximum 20%) of trainees. This includes a formal assessment as well as tools such as FGDs and interviews. Key focus areas for the training are identified.

Refresher Training

Refresher Trainings are conducted as a 1-2 day workshop as a follow up to the ToT. The focus is on revisiting the areas covered during the training, in the context of their application in the learning program.

Training of Teachers/Trainers

Training Focus Areas:
• Learning Styles
• Facilitation Skills
• Lesson Planning
• Creating a Learning Environment
• Use of Teaching-Learning Material (TLM)
• Development of Soft Skills
The training is conducted over 4 – 5 days for a batch of 8 – 20 participants. Ideal batch size is 15.

Training of NGO managers & field workers

Edulever conducts capacity building workshops for NGO team members on areas such as general management, project management, vision building, communication, soft skills etc.

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